In God We Trust

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

This website will never be political, ever. There are too many of those blogs where people engage in internet battles of wit as it is. But given what happened in Congress last night, the state of our country and its leadership, I felt it prudent to write something meaningful.

The fact is in my experience Christian liberals and Christian conservatives alike seem to think Scripture supports their political views and their political views alone, and if you don’t vote to legislate that way, you’re “not being very Christian”. I would not only encourage Christians not to question the spirituality of their brothers and sisters in these matters but would also warn them of the grave danger in judgments of that nature. For example, I’m against a universal healthcare system for America. But would I really question the authenticity of a liberal’s Christianity simply because they disagree with me about a governmental policy? Seriously? Just because I can point to Scriptures in Proverbs that talk of being rewarded for one’s own hard work? Also, while I’m certain homosexual behavior is sinful, am I really to have my spirituality brought in question because I don’t think the government should legislate against people having those relationships? Did Jesus ever even speak on those matters? No. He spoke to the heart of the individual, their motives, their personal thoughts, actions, and choices.

What Christians need to remember is that these are all matters of policy. That’s it: policy. That isn’t to trivialize the debates or the issues, they are important and should certainly be discussed, and even passionately discussed. But when they get to the point that we are so concerned with just being “right” that we close off all reason and openness to the possibility that we might be wrong, when we get to the point that we are actually questioning our brothers/sisters relationship with Jesus, not because their motives are poor but because we question their knowledge and the veracity of their policy, then we need to search within ourselves and ask whether or not our motives are pure. If being “right” trumps being a brother in Christ, then I’m of no use to Christ at all. If being a “conservative” trumps loving my fellow man because my fellow man is a liberal who disagrees with me about an economical policy, than the Kingdom is probably better off without my contribution. I encourage all, when discussing important issues, that as important as they are, they are finite, and of little to no account when one considers our relationship with Christ. I leave you with this: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33 NASB)

Btw, as an aside, I know I’ve been sporadic with my posting, often taking months off at a time, but I plan to write on a more regular basis from here on out, as this site and the Bible research and introspection that comes with it is a form of ministry for me. Looking forward to any contributions and insight anyone is willing to make.

  1. Angel says:

    hey Tim..wonderful to see u posting and over at WHT! keep the faith please and keep inspiring:)

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