Richard Dawkins: Exposing About Himself What Most Of Us Already Knew

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Richard Dawkins, considered in most circles to be one of the great scientific minds of our time, has at various times exposed his true personality throughout the years in his many lectures, debates, and books that involve the question of the existence of God. For some bizarre reason, he and others who call themselves “The New Atheists” have a crusade to save humanity against the evil forces of religious belief. The above video is a simple but very telling example however, of not only the total lack of objectivity on the part of Dawkins but the complete lack of concern for the humanity he’s supposedly trying to unbrainwash. (Not that “unbrainwash is a word)

How do I draw this conclusion? Its very simple. As Ravi Zacharias points out in the video, Dawkins tells the multitudes to mock various religious beliefs with “contempt”, and to do so publicly. To him, these beliefs deserve to be ridiculed. Yet, as Ravi rightly states, Dawkins has no intention of going to Iran to mock their beliefs. Why is that I wonder? Because Dawkins, a man who claims, along with his “New Atheist” brethren, that all religions are equally destructive, knows full well that not all religions are equally destructive. Otherwise he’d accept the challenge. Dawkins, throughout nearly every debate he’s ever been a part of in regards to religion vs. science, has never been able to do much other than to make wild accusations, assumptions, and making sweeping generalizations, of which no one ever asks him to verify with any sort of logic or evidence. When you get past all the rhetoric and intelligent wordplay, he’s basically sticking his fingers in his ears while screaming “la la la you’re irrational”. Okay. But I’ll address some of his inconsistencies and flat out lies in another post. But for now, let’s compare what Dawkins is campaigning for to that of the person who responded to his nonsense in this video: Ravi Zacharias.

See, Ravi actually did, once upon a time, visit the middle east, in fact visited a sheik who was a notorious terrorist leader of the Hamas regime during Arafat’s reign. Ravi and he discussed various points of Christianity, and eventually when Ravi was leaving and attempting to get in his car, the sheik ran toward his car, embraced him, kissed him on both cheeks, and with tears in his eyes, said “You’re a good man, I hope to see you again some day”. That’s an Islamic terrorist, a murderer, who embraced a man who just rejected Islam on his own soil and professed Jesus Christ as the Messiah. But because of Ravi’s authenticity in his concern, compassion, and love for humanity, because of his desperation to see someone learn the truth, the sheik was moved tears. Could Dawkins have gotten that reaction? Is he even interested?

The problem with Dawkins is that he really could care less who believes in God. He’s not promoting science, or atheism, or secularism. He’s promoting Richard Dawkins. His anger is completely unjustified what’s more, because he falsely tried to attach some noble connotation to it. He claims that he nor anyone can’t do science objectively if they have to worry about miracles being “smuggled” into the equation. But John Lennox, a mathematician from Oxford whom Dawkins has debated twice, believes in the Bible word for word. Did the numbers change because he believes in God? No. Ian Hutchinson, a nuclear physicist at M.I.T., believes in the Bible word for word, is he less of a scientist? Can Dawkins verify how the their science is negatively effected by their belief? If religion is so in the way of “progress”, how then do atheists like Dawkins reconciled over 135 million deaths at the hands of atheists like Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao? There are plenty of claims these New Atheists make that they have no interest in supporting, yet their entire campaign is to demand Christians account for and verify their own faith at every turn. But what we do know, what we can verify, is that Dawkins is an angry individual, but that anger has nothing to do with honor, nobility, truth, or any concern or love for the humanity he claims to try “free” from the religious belief.

  1. Debbie says:

    I’m afraid he will have a hot awakening in eternity… Just saying. As to your questions, does faith change the science, no it doesn’t. However, Christians and Conservatives have allowed the minority, the Liberals, the unbelievers, to have the louder more influential voice.

    Right Truth

  2. Fewknow says:

    Regards from Andie, jerk!

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